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Organized by Politehnica University of Timișoara, through the Multimedia Center and the eLearning Center, located at theof  7th edition, competition  Interactive Digital Media Student Contest 2021 brought Tuesday June 29, 2021, on online scene - 27 students with different bachelor's, master's and doctoral profiles, both from the universities of Timisoara and other universities in Romania, as well as outside Europe.

The contest was attended by both individual students and students organized in a team. The competitors supported the realized projects online, sharing their passion for multimedia, through numerous creative and dynamic concepts and at the same time, interacting directly with representatives of the economic environment.

Participants had the opportunity to communicate the activities and results of their work to the competition jury and the participants present on Zoom platform, but also to the general public, the event being broadcast LIVE on the platforms of Facebook ale Multimedia Research Center and E-Learning Center.

The themes of the 2021 competition were:

jury was formed by specialists from the university, industry and the companies that offered the awards: Nokia, Deltatel, SafeFleet, Cobalt Sign, Haufe Group, Nutechnologies, One Source Association and Busy Machines.

After many remarkable projects, emotional presentations, numerous questions and discussions, but also a jury that required a rigorous debate by the members of the jury, the winners were named as follows:

IDMSC Grand Prix 2021

The IDMSC 2021 grand prize, offered by the Politehnica University of Timișoara and the statuette offered by the NuTechnologies company went to the student team formed by Alexandru Vesa (Master's student, University of the West), Fabian Jichi & Camelia Burlacu (Bachelor's students, Politehnica University of Timișoara) for the project AiMinded - software based on artificial intelligence, capable of analyzing CT and MRI scans quickly and accurately, the main purpose of which is to help radiotherapists focus their attention on one aspect: treating the patient.



Special Digital Kids Award

The Special Digital Kids Award, offered by the OneSource Association and the BusyMachines company went to the project The profile - real-time video projection, developed by Ioana Chereș (undergraduate student, Faculty of Automation and Computers, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca) - a critical vision on the dissolution of free will and the impact of the latest technologies on everyday life, where the user sees in real time a virtual world with which he can interact. This paper illustrates the current problems of the society in which we live and confronts the viewer with the distortion of information in the online environment and their impact on society.



Web Development Award

The Web Development Award, offered by Nokia, went to Daniel Vlad (master student, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Polytechnic University of Timisoara) for FineCashflow application - a money management application that allows a series of actions on the user's budget, both at the level of person, department, category, project, but also the situations of allocated budgets, profitability, user management, etc., depending on roles and permissions.



Audio-Video Production Award

The Audio-Video Production Award, offered by SafeFleet to Haralambie Popa (undergraduate student, Academy of Art University, USA) for the short film Late - made by the student in the first year of college for the Cinematics course. It was filmed with a Canon EOS M50, attached to a Gimbal Ronin stabilizer for moving frames and is available on Youtube.



Graphic Design Award

The Graphic Design Award, offered by the Haufe-Lexware company, was “handed” to the Timișoara student Coralia Bodea (master student, Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timișoara) for the icons La pas prin Timișoara. The project is composed of a series of 5 icons for 5 tourist objectives located on a chosen route from Timișoara.



Mobile Device Development Award

The Development Award for Mobile Devices, offered by Cobalt Sign, reached the “Personal Health Assistant for Monitoring Nutrition” Health Care Assistant, created by Dragoș Todoroșcean (undergraduate student, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava) . The implemented software facilitates all users to customize their profile depending on daily factors, but also other details that can change the recommended / general results. Users have the ability to create dynamic shopping lists, scan product barcodes, but also many other facilities.



Internet of Things Award

The Internet of Things award, offered by Deltatel, went to Edgar Nemeth (undergraduate student, Faculty of Automation and Computers, Polytechnic University of Timisoara) for the Smart Solutions system - a system designed to control homes using a remote telephone. The user uses his phone with the Android operating system to install and run the software part of the system. It can add new locations and add new devices of various types. Devices are the hardware part of the system.

More information about the participants, winners and the IDMSC 2021 competition is available on the IDMSC website.

Watch the LIVE PRIZE of IDMSC 2021 competitors:

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