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Dissertation 2021

Dissertation projects 2021-2022

List of dissertation topics, organized by tutors, available in the current academic year within the Communications department.


The use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies in the development of educational, cultural or tourism promotion mobile applications, Increasing the visibility of research through open publishing policies, Developing e-education services, Developing e-education services, Certification of digital skills through technologies Blockchain, Development of e-government services, e-education, e-tourism and digital culture
Application for automatic generation of documents for students from eLearning platforms, Video Compression
Assessing the quality of a photo and graphic material, Graphical interfaces for mobile devices. UX/UI Process, Content Management Systems Analysis, eHealth. Ux/Ui design for psychotherapy services in UPT
Comparison of frameworks used for hybrid mobile applications
Virtual reality web application, Design and development of a MOOC platform using Moodle, Bike me! - Web application based on a content management system, Testing the security of a web platform, Creating mobile applications, The concept of gamification in eLearning, Using AR/VR in eLearning, Home automation to optimize energy consumption
Mixed Reality Educational Applications, User Experience Design in Augmented Reality Applications, User Experience Design in Augmented Reality Applications, Website Testing Using Selenium WebDriver, Advanced Web Application Development
Multimedia technologies for customizing an online store, Automating the inventory process in a Nokia laboratory, Customization techniques for eCommerce platforms