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Lifelong learning program "Sustainable Know-How in Intercultural Learning in Student Placements and the Knowledge Transfer to Enterprises - SKILL2E"

no. 510416-LLP1-2010-1-AT-ERASMUS-ECUE

The SKILL2E project addresses the need to prepare higher education graduates for future work environments in terms of multicultural, trans-organizational and trans-sector collaboration. Higher education institutions need to equip today's graduates with social and cultural awareness skills, in line with key skills for lifelong learning and new skills for new jobs.


The SKILL2E approach is independent of sectors and disciplines. It offers a holistic concept on how to acquire and enhance intercultural competences through transnational student placements in enterprises that can be integrated into educational offers in the best possible way. Additionally, the approach focuses on how this integration can be optimized and validated to ensure fit for purpose.

The concept of SKILL2E tends towards four results:

  • pre-placement SKILL2E training model, including the implementation of an assessment tool regarding intercultural competence.
  • A prototype implementation of the SKILL2E communication scenario for intercultural reflection in an online environment as a model for the use of social software for pedagogical purposes and individual learning curve assessment.
  • The SKILL2E assessment model intended to validate skill gain from the perspective of all stakeholders involved based on clearly defined learning outcomes.
  • the SKILL2E enterprise handbook documents the best practical implementations of the SKILL2E cultural mentor concept, designed to support enterprises in making full use of the potential of short-term international interns, but also international employees, cooperation partners and customers from - a long-term perspective.

The project of SKILL2E has three major objectives:

  1. Equipping graduates with the transversal skills needed to communicate effectively today and in the multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary workplace of the future.
  2. Strengthening the dialogue between universities and enterprises in providing a model of mutual knowledge transfer in the context of intercultural competence.
  3. Engaging stakeholders at organizational and policy-making levels to ensure the impact of the SKILL2E approach beyond project boundaries and lifetime.

In order to achieve these objectives, the association of universities and enterprises will combine approaches and different findings in the fields of transnational student placements and the acquisition of related intercultural qualification that have been isolated until now. This will be achieved through a comprehensive training concept with accompanying measures such as online communication scenario and cultural mentoring at the enterprise. This action will involve the three relevant interest groups of students, universities and businesses, both actively within the project and as beneficiaries of the project.

Furthermore, the SKILL2E cultural mentor concept will improve mutual knowledge transfer, raise awareness of cultural and social issues in the business world and ultimately help balance a theoretical academic approach based on practical implications at workplaces and employment issues.




Dr. Eng. Diana ANDONE




34,194 EUROS


Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu VASIU, Lect.dr.eng. Marian BUCOS, Assistant Dr. Eng. Mihai ONITA, Dr. Eng. Andrei TERNAUCIUC, Tatiana TERNAUCIUC, Associate Dr. Delia ROBESCU-TANASE


University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria (coordinator); University of Alicante, Spain; Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland; Mugla University, Turkey; Southampton Solent University, UK; ETA2U Timisoara, Romania