Polytechnic University of Timisoara through Multimedia Center organizes Friday, May 31, 2019, at 10:00 a.m., in the Multipurpose Hall of the UPT Library (Bul. Vasile Parvan, no. 2B), Interactive Digital Media Student Contest.

Now in its 6th edition, the Interactive Digital Media Student Contest is a student competition that aims to stimulate creativity and competitive spirit in the multimedia field. The competition is addressed to bachelor's, master's and doctoral students from universities in Romania and abroad. Students will have the opportunity to present their most interesting projects, but also to interact directly with representatives of the economic environment, possible employers of the participants. Starting with the 2017 edition, the contest is also open to high school students passionate about developing multimedia applications.

Both individual students and students organized in a team can enter the competition, without any limit regarding the number of projects/applications entered in the competition or the number of sections in which a student can participate. The participants will defend their projects on Friday, May 31, 2019 from 10:00 a.m., in front of the jury and the other participants. Judging and awarding will take place on the same day.

"We are glad that we have already reached the sixth edition of the Interactive Digital Media student competition. We are convinced that this year too we will have passionate students and innovative projects, considering the pleasant experience of the past years. As every year, the competition stands out both for its openness to employers in the field and for the attractive prizes it offers". declared Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu Vasiu, Director of the Multimedia Center.

The jury will be made up of specialists from the Timișoara Polytechnic University and representatives of the partner companies.

Participants can win attractive prizes such as tablets, monitors, smartphones etc., these are provided by our industry partners.

The Multimedia Research Center (founded in 1996), carries out educational, research and innovation activities in the context of information and communication technologies, being focused in recent years on interactive multimedia techniques and technologies, Smart Cities, Open Data, Augmented Reality, Entrepreneurship in ICT, ICT and multimedia promotion, advanced educational technologies, OER, MOOCs. The Multimedia Center carries out activities to support entrepreneurship in ICT (StartUp Weekend, HackTM, Hackathon, Meet-ups) and organizes the annual IDMSC International Digital Media Student Contest. The Multimedia Center supports educational specializations at the undergraduate level Telecommunications Technologies and Systems – Multimedia and masters in Multimedia Technologies.

For any additional information: http://idmsc2019.cm.upt.ro
Details on previous editions, prizes and winners can be found in the section Archive of the site.

We are waiting for you to register for the contest!

Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu Vasiu,
Director of the Multimedia Center
UPT Senate President
Polytechnic University of Timisoara