Polytechnic University of Timisoara through Multimedia Center organized on Friday May 18, 2018 Student competition Interactive Digital Media Student Contest.

Reached the 5th edition, Interactive Digital Media Student Contest is a student competition that aims to stimulate creativity and competitive spirit in the field of multimedia. The competition is addressed to bachelor's, master's and doctoral students from universities in Romania and abroad. The students had the opportunity to present their most interesting projects, but also to interact directly with representatives of the economic environment, possible employers of the participants. Starting with the 2017 edition, the contest was also open to high school students passionate about developing multimedia applications.

They were presented at the competition 29 projects developed by 52 high school students, bachelor's, master's and doctoral students from the Politehnica University of Timișoara, the University of the West, the University of Bucharest and the Grigore Moisil High School in Timișoara. The students presented the projects in front of a jury that brought together representatives of the economic environment and university teaching staff, also benefiting from a direct interaction with experts in the field who also offered opinions on the further development of the applications, the possibilities for improvement or promotion in the economic environment .

"The fifth edition of the student competition Interactive Digital Media was noted for a larger participation than in previous years and for a remarkable quality of the applications presented by the competing teams. The jury had a rather difficult task in choosing the best projects to be awarded. The competition was a valuable and motivating experience for the students and high school students involved, through the suggestions, recommendations and prizes offered by the partner companies. The degree of completion and the monetization plans of the developed applications were noted, which led to the awarding for the first time of an award for the best business idea, an award given by the Multimedia Center. In recent years, the development of interactive applications has become an integral part of multimedia education, especially within the Master's program in Multimedia Technologies. We are happy that this year (as in 2017), one of the most important prizes was won by a student from Grigore Moisil High School in Timișoara, with a complex audio-video production application, which indicates a promising perspective for the future of multimedia in Timisoara. I congratulate the winners and thank our partners: Nokia, Intel Movidius, Cobalt Sign, SafeFleet, Lasting, Haufe Group and Tree web Solutions for their support and for the prizes awarded for each section, which further motivated the participants," said Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu Vasiu, Director of the Multimedia Center.

Multimedia Research Center (founded in 1996), carries out educational, research and innovation activities in the context of information and communication technologies, being focused in recent years on interactive multimedia techniques and technologies, Smart Cities, Open Data, Augmented Reality ICT Entrepreneurship, ICT and multimedia Promotion , Advanced Educational Technologies, OER, MOOCs. The Multimedia Center carries out ICT entrepreneurship support activities (StartUp Weekend, HackTM, Hackaton, Meet-ups) and organizes the annual IDMSC International Digital Media Student Contest. The Multimedia Center supports educational specializations at bachelor's and master's level in Multimedia Technologies.

For any additional information: http://idmsc2018.cm.upt.ro.

Thank you for your interest in this contest!

Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu Vasiu,
Director of the Multimedia Center
UPT Senate President
Polytechnic University of Timisoara