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Polytechnic University of Timisoara through Multimedia Center organize Tuesday, June 29, 14:00 | ONLINE  |Interactive Digital Media Student Contest 2021. 

Arrived at the 7th edition, andnteractive Digital Media Student Contest is a student competition that aims to stimulate creativity and the spirit of competition in the multimedia field. 

The contest is addressed to undergraduate, master's and doctoral students from universities in Romania and abroad. Students will have the opportunity to present their most interesting projects, but also to interact directly with representatives of the economic environment, possible employers of participants. Starting with the 2017 edition, the contest is also open to high school students passionate about developing multimedia applications.

The sections of the 2021 competition are:

Both can enter the contest individual students, as well as students organized in a team, free no limit regarding the number of projects / applications entered in the competition or the number of sections in which a student can participate. 

The contest will take place through online registration, in period June 11 - 28, 2021, 18:00, on June 29, 2021 from 14:00 taking place ONLINE support by the competitors of the project carried out in front of the jury and the other participants, judging and awarding. 

The jury of the competition will consist of specialists from the university, industry and companies that offer the prizes: Nokia, Deltatel, SafeFleet, Cobalt Sign, Haufe Group and Nutechnologies.



14:00 - Welcome Radu Vasiu, Director of the Multimedia Research Center Florin Dragan, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara Dan Lascu, Dean, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies


14:05Company presentation

Nokia presentation - Florin Ciocan

Cobalt Sign - Arthur Csertus presentation

Haufe-Lexware - Mihai Burada presentation

SafeFleet- Lektri presentation - Christoph Bucher

presentation Deltatel - Alexandra Oprișa

Nutechnologies presentation - Raluca Vasiliu

One Source Association - Radu Ticiu


14:30 –Web Development

  1. AnaMarinescu - Educational platform for teamwork management
  2. Daniel Vlad - FineCashflow -
  3. AlexanduVesa, FabianJichi, Camelia Burlacu - AIMinded
  4. VladVodislav - Site - “Alumni Commuity”
  5. Darius Raia - The Arts Atore -


15: 15- Audio-Video production / Audio-Video production

  1. Bianca ElenaPuiu - Puicuta
  2. CristianSisu - The End of Mining -
  3. IoanaCheres - The profile - real time video projection -
  4. HaralambiePopa – Late -


15: 45–Graphic Design

  1. NadejdaCojocaru - Brutalism Artistic Project, Suceava Booklet
  2. NadejdaCojocaru, SelimMuhammetgulyyevv - Educational App
  3. Felicia-Miruna Antonică, Adina-Lorena Borobar - Arleen
  4. Marius Pascu, RareșMara - Save Me
  5. Andreea-CătălinaPopescu - Graphical interface for a smart home
  6. SelimMuhammetgulyyev, Agageldi Durdyyev, PermanYagmyrov - bookme
  7. Coralia Bodea - Walking through Timisoara, Space Llamas


16:25 - Development for mobile devices / Mobile development

  1. Darius Boncilă - Kapi Language Learning
  2. Ilie-SilviuBerzescu - Virtual reality applications for Oculus
  3. Dragoș Todoroșcean - Health Care Assistant

16: 50– Internet of Things

  1. EdgarNemeth - Smart Solutions
  2. Bogdan-Petru Butunoi, Calin Crisan - qToggle


17:10 - Judging 


17:20 - IDMSC Award 2021

Details on previous editions, prizes and winners can be found in the section Archive of website.

contest Interactive Digital Media Student Contest is organized by the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, through the Multimedia Center, with the support of partners Nokia, Deltatel, SafeFleet, Cobalt Sign, Haufe Group and Nutechnologies.