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Organized by the British Council and the Biomentorhub Association – as a continuation of the competition FameLab Romania, the project Games of Science debuted in March, representing a project to promote the communication of science for the general public. 

Within the project, free training sessions were organized with students, masters, PhD students and young researchers from Romania.
The sessions were held online during the weekend March 19 - May 8 .

Each training session took place on Saturdays, where participants had the opportunity to: learn to actively speak in public, digitally or face-to-face, learn how to use their emotions to be more persuasive, practice presenting complicated topics in simple language, and prepare for the competition format.

The "Games of Science" competition was organized online, at the end of the training - on Sunday, and included scientific presentations.

The winners of the Game of Science competition are:

At the same time, two of the participants were nominated by Polytechnic University of Timisoara for special UPT awards:

This contest was developed by the science communication specialist Ada Roseti, in which young researchers participate in knockout rounds of presentations of one scientific subject, lasting from 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

The objective of the trainings and the competition was to you would encourage young people who have or want a career in research to explain complex ideas and processes in an understandable and concise way.

The project is open to Romanian students, master's students, doctoral students, as well as researchers, university teaching staff, teaching staff in pre-university education and other specialists aged 20-34 working in educational and research institutions or in other organizations with a scientific profile from Romania. Registration for the training and competition was free.

The "Games of Science" program is run by the British Council Romania in collaboration with the BioMentorHub Association under the "Science for all" project, financed within the CIVIS OPEN LAB-UB of the University of Bucharest.

Games of Science is held with the support of university partners who support the training sessions and tournaments, as well as with the support of national partners – Ad Astra Association of Romanian researchers, Romanian Science Festival (RSF) and Scientific Organization of Medical Students (SOMS).

In continuation of the "Science for all" project, the finalists of the tournaments will compete in June in Bucharest in the first edition of the "Games of Science" Tournament of Champions, hosted this year by the Politehnica University of Bucharest.

About the British Council

The British Council is Britain's international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Our mission is to build and develop relationships of cooperation and understanding between the people of Great Britain and the citizens of other countries through art and culture, education and the English language. In the past year, we reached more than 80 million people through our activities, and at the same time we interacted with more than 791 million people online or directly through our various communication channels. Since 1934 we have been a charitable foundation under the patronage of the Royal Charter and, at the same time, a body under public law in Great Britain.

About Biomentorhub Association

Biomentorhub is a non-governmental and non-profit association, an initiative of a group of young Romanians, with the aim of developing a community that contributes to the development and popularization of scientific research in Romania, to connecting pupils and students with mentors who carry out research activities in the fields of biosciences and medicine , to support Romanian specialists from the diaspora interested in discovering professional and collaboration opportunities in Romania, also offering moral and material support to pupils and students with very good results in the fields of biosciences and medicine. At this time, the Biomentorhub community includes 24 mentors with research experience in biosciences and medicine, of which 22 are Romanian, with affiliations to universities, companies and research institutes from 9 countries.