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Spotlight heritage


Spotlight heritage, tells the multiple stories of Timișoara through digital technologies, stories of cultural and historical heritage, of technical development, of communities and neighborhoods, of its inhabitants.

The project aims to stimulate the interest of locals and tourists to see, hear and feel Timișoara's past, but also to co-create its future through the virtual overlay of intangible heritage and by laying the foundations for a participative governance of cultural heritage.

The project also aims to integrate the multiple stories of Timișoara (stories of the cultural and historical heritage, of the technical development, of the communities and neighborhoods, of the inhabitants) in an online and mobile, open, participatory platform in the form of heritage data and information cultural and historical, with personal stories, newspaper articles, photographs or films, which can then be transformed into augmented and virtual reality applications.

The stories will be:
  • Iosefin – (AUZUL, 2019)
  • Elizabethan (TOUCH, 2020)
  • Fabric (SEE, 2021)
  • the stories of the historical buildings in Timișoara (UPT Rectorate, 2019)
  • of public works of art (ArtTM 2018-2022)
  • of communities (Jews, 2019)
  • of technical innovations (2020)

Heritage under the spotlight involves the population of Timișoara and visitors in a complex real-virtual world that combines the ancient history of Timișoara, presented as a digital story, through a website and mobile application; and the museographic exhibition at the headquarters of the National Museum of Banat but also in public locations in the neighborhoods, under the title "Timișoara and the allegory of the senses".

In 2019, the spotlight is on the Iosefin neighborhood, having as its theme HEARING.

The open, participatory mobile app features:

  • Highlights – cultural and historical heritage data and information, geographically mapped, photographs and films, with building recognition through augmented reality, 360 images
  • SEQUENCE - fragments from the novel Valeria Dr. Pintea (author: Liana Maria Gomboșiu, Timișoara, Marineasa Publishing House, 2013), provided by the author and images from the archives
  • Community - information from the history of neighborhoods, communities, ethnicities, organizations that were or are present in the neighborhood
  • your story – users can add their own personal stories, comments, pictures, videos
  • event – events from exhibitions, guided tours offered with high school teenagers



Diana Andone

Mobile application development

Cobalt Sign Timisoara

Augmented reality app

Polytechnic University of Timișoara – Duică Cristian, Silviu Vert; Cobalt Sign

Elaborated texts and selected images

National Museum of Banat – Marius Cornea, Raoul-Marius Șeptilici (except where another source is mentioned)


Timișoara Association 2021 European Capital of Culture, cultural project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Timișoara City Hall, Timiș County Council.


Rafael Leucuta and Cobalt Sign


Rafael Leucuța and the students of the 4th year Multimedia Technologies and the 1st year Masters in Multimedia Technologies, Milan Şepetan (National Museum of Banat)


Rafael Leucuța and Teleuniversitatea

Communication and funding

Association Timișoara 2021 European Capital of Culture, – Ovidiu Dajbog-Miron, Daniel Kozak, Politehnica University Timișoara – Renate Iovi, National Museum of Banat – Alexandra Gordana Marian