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Multi-regional master's degree program in the field of eActivities - eSTART

POSDRU / 86 / 1.2 / S / 54956

The general objective of the project is to create new learning, training and development opportunities at master level, based on a multi-regional approach, by developing a study program focused on the use of new ITC technologies and innovative approaches in the field (collaborative environments ) in organizing, teaching and operating in accordance with the Bologna Process.
The program will be piloted in training professionals in the use, implementation and development of electronic services, eWork, eApplications and related platforms and technologies.


The general objective is conditioned by the achievement of the following specific objectives:

  • acquisition at institutional level, of the procedures and methodologies in the organization, implementation and promotion of the master's degree programs developed at multi-regional level, realized on the support and solutions offered by the new ICT;
  • achieving an open structure for organizing and operating a student-centered master's level training program, developed in a multi-regional form and allowing flexible access (time, location, curriculum) to the educational use of ICT;
  • description in terms of skills and a cross with the development of the relevant curriculum and the implementation of dedicated e-activities (specializing in eBusiness, eHealth, eGovernment & Administration, eMedia), respecting the national wishes of Council accreditation
    ensuring a study program focused on an integrated platform using online education and training, based on the innovative concept blended-learning and support for new technologies includes monitoring and evaluating educational activities to promote smart quality;
  • developing a pilot training program, using the procedures (flexible mode of the organization), methodology, educational materials and technology implemented by creating a virtual community of e-activities.

In accordance with the objectives of SOP HRD, the project improves the quality and relevance of the specializations offered at master level in higher education partner institutions, with methodologies and processes chosen for the implementation of the study and specialization program relevant especially for eActivities, aiming to hire a total number of over 320 eligible beneficiaries from the target group (120 in the development program and 200 students in the pilot phase).
The open nature of the project allows the transfer of knowledge and skills acquired in restructuring related to other curricular areas (computers, information technology, etc.).



Radu Vasiu




2,081,662 RON


Diana Andone, Florin Alexa, Marian Bucos, Mihai Onita, Aurel Gontean, Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar, Sorin Nanu, Marius Otesteanu, Inocentiu Maniu, Nicolae Robu, Vasile Gui, Dan Lascu, Vladimir Cretu, Delia Tanase, Andrei Ternauciuc, Bogdan Dragulescu, Muguras Mocofan, Iasmina Ermalai, Vlad Mihaescu, Silviu Vert, Tatiana Ternauciuc


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Transilvania University of Brasov, Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca