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CEEX Project, Contract, Development of the Concept of Social Responsibility in the Romanian Companies, in the European Context "CSR & EU"

No. CEEX 05-D8-5 / 10.10.2005

The Lisbon Agenda (2000) establishes as its main strategic objective that "the EU should become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth, with more and better jobs and with greater social cohesion".

The project represents an effective contribution to the implementation of these wishes.


objectives project are:

• Making a report on the existing situation at the international level, including in the EU, regarding the concept of social cohesion

• Designing IT tools for documentation, communication, collaboration and implementation of activities

• Elaboration of empirical analyzes regarding the existing situation in Romania, including the external dimension (Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR)

• Development of a methodology for investigating the internal dimension of IRS / CSR in Romania

• Development of a methodology for investigating the IRS / CSR dimension at the level of the organization in Romania

• Evaluation of the size of the economic, social and environmental aspects, at the organizational level, in Romania

• Evaluation of the impact of IRS / CSR on competitiveness, quality at work, inclusion and social cohesion

• Determination of perspective directions in the application of IRS / CSR in Romania, in a European context.



Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Marian MOCAN




340,000 RON


Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu VASIU, Assoc.lect.eng. Diana ANDONE, Lect.dr.eng. Mugur MOCOFAN, Assistant Eng. Marian BUCOS, Assistant Eng. Mihai ONITA, Eng. Marius CONDREA, Eng. iasmina ERMALAI, Coordinator: INCSMPS Bucharest


IPA SA Bucharest, CURS SA Bucharest, INOE Bucharest